Developer Solutions

The Universal Document Converter package includes a public API and code examples that make it possible to integrate the available resources into newly developed software applications. Automatic deployment will significantly speed up the installation of Universal Document Converter on any number of workstations.

Software developers can benefit from the Universal Document Converter “conversion kernel” focusing on their own projects implementing there the unique features and solutions offered by our “virtual printer”.

By using automatic deployment of the Universal Document Converter it can be quickly installed on any number of computers within a corporation. Automatic installation can be performed via the command line using the parameters described on this article.

Universal Document Converter Public API

• IUDC: primary API interface providing access to the capabilities of Universal Document Converter ◦ IPageFormat: provides access to page format settings
◦ IUDCPrinter: general interface providing control of a Universal Document Converter instance ◾ IStatus: provides status information on the Universal Document Converter virtual printer
◾ IProfile: document conversion configuration interface ◾ IPageSetup: controls output document page settings
◾ IFileFormats: controls output file format ◾ IBMP: controls configuration of BMP output files
◾ IDCX: controls configuration of DCX output files
◾ IGIF: controls configuration of GIF output files
◾ IJPEG: controls configuration of JPEG output files
◾ IPCX: controls configuration of PCX output files
◾ IPNG: controls configuration of PNG output files
◾ ITIFF: controls configuration of TIFF output files
◾ IPDF: controls configuration of PDF output files

◾ IAdjustments: configures processing of the document being converted ◾ ICrop: controls cropping of margins in source document
◾ IResize: control document page resizing during conversion

◾ IWatermark: controls application of water marks to document pages ◾ ITextWatermark: controls text water marks
◾ IPictureWatermark: controls graphic water marks

◾ IOutputLocation: controls the folder that houses the output files as well as output file names
◾ IPostProcessing: controls post-processing of documents being converted
◾ IAdvanced: controls Universal Document Converter’s advanced capabilities